The web application laclef allows the management of tags (RFID/NFC, QR code, bar--codes...) belonging to users which can access services:

  • Access control: open doors if they are allowed to.
  • Cafeteria management: payment of snacks, coffees, tea bags...
  • Equipment leasing: they can borrow equipments (like Arduinos, tablets, keyboards...)


Users can be identified by several tags. Only administrators (user with admin rights) can add, modify and delete tags, readers and permissions.


Tags are digital identifiers (RFID/NFC, QR code, bar-codes...) which identify a useror a equipment.


Readers can read tags. A swipe can do several actions : open a door, pay a coffee, start a new lease...


Permissions are defined by administrators. If a permission is created for a user on a reader then he will be abled to open the door controlled by this reader.


An equipment is identified by a tag unique. It can be borrowed by a user.

Swipes history

Shows swipes history tags.

Rest API

Resources can be accessed using Rest API are:


Get, add and remove users.

Resource Description
GET /users Get all the users.
GET /users/$uid Get user $uid info.
GET /stats/$uid Get user $uid info.


Get, add and remove tags.

Resource Description
GET /tags Get all the tags.
GET /tags/$uid Get tag $id info.


Get, add and remove readers.

Resource Description
GET /readers Get all the readers.
GET /readers/$id Get reader $id info.


Get user deposits info.

Resource Description
GET /payments/$uid Get the amount and the date of the user $uid deposits.


Get, add and remove snacks.

Resource Description
GET /snacks Get all snacks.
GET /snacks/$id Get snack $id info.


Get info about the swipes.

Resource Description
POST /swipes/$id Make a swipe on reader $id.
POST /coffees/$uid Pay one coffee for user $uid.


Get all the permissions granted on a reader.

Resource Description
GET /permissions/$id/$uid Get permissions of user $uid on reader $id.
GET /permissions/$id Get users allowed on reader $id.